Spectral Engines’ NIRONE® Sensor S uses patented Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) Fabry-Perot Interferometer enabling fast and reliable measurements even in the most demanding environments. NIRONE Sensor S works at the true near infrared (NIR) spectral range from 1100 to 2450 nm which means better sensitivity and specificity in material sensing applications. NIRONE Sensor S offers excellent performance fully comparable to the best laboratory instruments in a small package and only a fraction of the cost.

The sensors are designed for system integrators for creating leading-edge products based on our smart NIR sensor platform. Compact sensors include two integrated light sources, NIR sensor, read-out and driving electronics and built-in intelligence, which guarantees extremely stable output even for the most demanding industrial or consumer applications. The spectral sensor can easily be adapted to your measurement needs with suitable front optics. A single electrical connector (I2C communication) makes the sensor easy to integrate into your own electronics, whenever needed.


NIRONE Sensor S Evaluation Kit provides a good starting point for technology evaluation and application studies. The evaluation kit includes a USB communication board and the sensor can be controlled via PC by using our user-friendly SensorControl software. The evaluation kit is by far the easiest and fastest way to start your NIR applicatiosn studies right away. Our SensorControl software is free to use with any of our devices.

Specification Value Specification Value
Wavelength range
& resolution
(typical FWHM)
1.10 – 1.35 um (S1.4) / 12 – 16 nm *
1.35 – 1.65 μm (S1.7) / 13 – 17 nm *
1.55 – 1.95 μm (S2.0) / 15 – 21 nm *
1.75 – 2.15 μm (S2.2) / 16 – 22 nm *
2.00 – 2.45 um (S2.5) / 18 – 28 nm *
temperature range
+10..+50°C (non-condensing)
Detector type Single element InGaAs (S1.4)
Single element extended InGaAs
(from S1.7 to S2.5)
Power consumption < 1.1 W (peak),
< 300 mW (nominal)
Illumination source 2 tungsten vacuum lamps Optical interface Micro reflection optics
Bulb life > 40.000 hrs *** Electrical interface Supply voltage 5V
UART (3.3V)
I2C (3.3V)
Digital trig in/out (3.3V)
Wavelength switching time 1 ms Mechanical interface Mountable on PCB. Two M2 screws
and PCB connector. PCB area of
25 x 25 mm2 needed
SNR (typical) From 15’000 (S1.4) to 1’500 (S2.5) ** Size (W x L x H) 25 x 25 x 17.5 mm
Temperature response < 0.1 nm/°C Weight 15 g


* With an SMA-adapter and a fiber with 400 um core and 0.22 NA
** With external illumination and signal level of 75% of the maximum range
*** Specified by lamp manufacturer for ideal laboratory conditions. Lifetime may shorten as a result of shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures. Lifetime can be extended by using lower than 100% drive level.

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The NIRONE® Sensor X is a spectral sensor measuring the NIR spectrum at 1550 nm to 1950 nm wavelength band. The sensor’s design is based on the NIRONE Sensor but its cost level and manufacturability have been optimized for high-volume production of consumer applications and handheld material analyzing devices. On top of analyzing material compositions, NIRONE Sensor X includes an RGB color sensor.

The sensor’s compact and robust design makes it an ideal sensor for consumer and handheld material analyzing devices. An integrated microcontroller and single connector make it easy to integrate the sensor into any design. Sensors are pre-calibrated and you can start using them right away in your application. Easy integration to any design and high volume production capability guarantee a fast market entry with your application.


The NIRONE Sensor X Evaluation Kit includes a USB interface and a PC software for easy and fast application testing.


The NIRONE Sensor X Developer Kit includes 3 sensors, 3 USB boards and a developer guide that provides all the necessary information about how to integrate the sensor as a part of your product.

Specification Value Specification Value
Wavelength range 1.55 – 1.95 µm (X2.0) SNR (NIR) Typically 5000, with averaging of
100, wavelength step of 5 nm and
acquisition time of 290 ms
Light source Tungsten filament Measurement time
Typical 1 s
Illumination Package size 16mm x 32mm x 35mm Color sensor (RGB) TCS34725 color sensor
Communication bus I2C Power consumption 100 mW @ idle (5 V / 20 mA)
600 mW @ measurement (5V / 120
mA light source on)
Detector active area
250 um (diam.) Operation
temperature range
+10—+50 °C (non-condensing)
Measurement spot
ca 1.3 mm Storage temperature
-20—+60°C (non-condensing)


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NIRONE® Device provides a more complete material sensing solution in an integrated package. The heart of the system is NIRONE Sensor with added mobility and connectivity.  The battery-powered NIRONE Device has Bluetooth connectivity enabling communication with portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The micro-USB connection is used for charging and communication with SensorControl software.

NIRONE Device has been designed for application developers for faster prototyping or final product development. With these advanced devices you can very easily finish developing your application and complete your measurements in an actual environment.

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NIRONE Scanner

NIRONE® Scanner is a turnkey material sensing solution which enables the development of new innovative material sensing applications. Our NIRONE Scanner speeds up the market-entry of your unique material sensing solution significantly. NIRONE Scanner includes the world’s smartest material scanner, equipped with next-generation NIR-technology, an easy-to-use mobile app, cloud connectivity and advanced algorithms.

A vital part of the NIRONE Scanner is an intelligent cloud for fast data collection and analysis. The platform is scalable up to thousands of sensors, and through our turnkey solution, you can achieve a fast go-to-market and avoid initial investments. Our award-winning technology and committed team of experts will help you every step of the way in taking your material sensing product to the next level.


NIRONE Scanner includes:

  • NIRONE Scanners
  • NIRONE Scanner Mobile App
  • NIRONE Scanner Web App
  • Advanced cloud computing algorithms for material analysis
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NIRONE Research and Education kits


Inspire your students and bring your analytical chemistry teaching to life with a hands-on spectroscopy workshop in your classroom. Whether you are teaching chemistry, physics, material analysis, data analysis and research methods, NIRONE Education Kit is a practical and affordable NIR spectroscopy learning kit for science education giving students hands-on experience in NIR spectroscopy. NIRONE Education Kit is a complete package for schools, universities and educational organizations that are teaching the principles of NIR spectroscopy.


The NIRONE Research Kit is a complete package for research purposes at universities or industrial R&D labs. The NIRONE Research Kit can also be used in extending the NIR spectroscopy education beyond the NIRONE Edukit and use it also as a laboratory and research project tool in education.

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