Video spectroscopy from Cubert GmbH

Video spectroscopy combines real time spectroscopic measurements with video technique (snap shot hyperspectral imaging). This technology has resulted from recent developments in hyperspectral imaging. A video capable imaging spectrometer can work like a camcorder and provide full frame spectral images in real-time that enables advanced (vehicle based) mobility and hand-held imaging spectroscopy. Unlike hyperspectral line scanners, a video spectrometer can spectrally capture randomly and quickly moving objects and processes. The product of a conventional hyperspectral line scanner has typically been called a hyperspectral data cube. A video spectrometer produces a spectral image data series at much higher speeds (1 ms) and frequencies (25 Hz) that is called a hyperspectral video. This technology can initiate novel solutions and challenges in spectral tracking, field spectroscopy, spectral mobile mapping, real-time spectral monitoring and many other applications.

Real time hyperspectral acquisition of coffee making

This demonstration is made to demonstrate the changes in the spectrum. You can see well how the spectra of the selected points change real time.

Real time hyperspectral acquisition of rotating paprika’s

In this demonstration you can live see the spectrum of the selected points change while the paprika’s rotate.

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