Photon Mission, is not just a company. We are on a mission to do things differently as a distributor and give you more time and more focus. To succeed we work with fewer, but specifically selected suppliers. This enables us to be better at what we do and do more of it.

For our customers, we bring 25+ years of photonics experience. Prior to working in photonics, our staff worked in both industrial as well as academic laboratories. Having a deep understanding and passion for problem solving we support our customers with even the most difficult problems. At Photon Mission we understand that our customers not only need the equipment but also an engaged partner who is able to speak on a technical and a commercial level. This requires a deep understanding of sophisticated high-tech applications, interest in products and a problem-solving attitude.

For our suppliers we are a new and refreshing distributor. Our staff has successfully worked with distributors in previous organizations and learned what is valuable to a supplier and what is not. Historically, distributors grow their business by adding additional suppliers. We believe this only serves the distributor and does a disservice to the customer and the supplier. Photon Mission prides itself by having a less-is-more attitude when it comes down to suppliers. We want to know our suppliers through and through and leave no stone unturned to help our customers. Having fewer suppliers also leads to quick responds times for our customers and suppliers. As a distributor we will proactively engage the market and ensure that our customers operate in both government funded as well as industry funded segments. By having customers in both of these segments, we are less dependent on budget cycles or unexpected market changes such as the COVID-19 crisis in 2020.

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