Cubert Hyperspectral GMBH launched a great new website about 3 months ago. We from Photon Mission, an official partner of Cubert hyperspectral, are very excited with the result. Often we hear that people get frustrated with websites that only show what manufacturers want to tell. At Cubert Hyperspectral, they really understand what it is that their target audience is looking for and continuously update their website.

Hyperspectral technology is a complicated technology and we are proud that our partner, Cubert Hyperspectral managed to create a website that is easily accessible and understandable, even when hyperspectral imaging is not your field of expertise.

Their website is very well setup in 4 chapters:

Last but not least, Cubert is also active on Youtube. The proverb: “a picture says more than a thousand words” is one we strongly believe in. But this proverb was made before videos were introduced to this world. Take a look at their videos and see that a “video says more than a thousand pictures”.