Solution for ultra-low moisture analysis in smart process industry with Spectral Engines

Moisture is an important parameter in the quality control of several products. By knowing the moisture concentration during production, both the storage and the quality of stored materials can be optimized and energy savings achieved for example in drying processes. The moisture levels of raw materials have large impacts on many processes and for this reason it is critical to adjust process control systems based on this information. The use of Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to carry out moisture content analysis without any sample preparation is already well established in laboratories, but there is still a clear need for cheaper, more compact and robust sensor solutions. Typical applications of moisture measurement are found in industrial manufacturing processes, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processes, and paper production. NIR spectroscopy moisture measurement is nondestructive and fast, normally taking only a few tenths of a millisecond per sample. Spectral Engines’ spectral NIRONE™. Sensors are incorporated into a fully programmable sensor that enables you to optimize your measurements based on
the application requirements.

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