Nitrogen nutrient content analysis of soil with NIRONE Spectral Sensors

Soil quality is a measure of the condition of soil to perform its necessary functions. Soil functions include providing nutrients and water to plants, filtering and cleaning water, regulating temperatures, recycling and storing nutrients and providing habitats for organisms. Sensors are a modern technology developed to help precision agriculture and farmers obtain faster and better results, assisting in the determination of various soil characteristics.

Nitrogen is one of the main soil macronutrients, elements which plants require in relatively large amounts. The rapid analysis of the nitrogen nutrient content in soil samples can easily yield important information, which can be used to evaluate the distribution of soil nutrients and future levels of fertilizing needs in different parts of a large agricultural field. One main advantage is targeting fertilization where it is needed the most, while cutting down on the amount of used fertilizers. Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is a valuable tool when evaluating these parameters.

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